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Success story: Ukrainian «Aisberg» for export

How to start export business? How do I know if my company is ready to export?

The development of river ports will help expand export opportunities for Ukrainian products

"Today, these are Ukraine's export "gateway" to European countries across the Danube River.

NBU Simplifies FX Restrictions on Imports and Extends Settlement Deadlines for Export and Import Transactions

New requirements will apply to the residents’ export and import transactions made after 5 April 2022.

Australian government canceled import duties for Ukraine for a year

The Australian government has announced the abolition of customs duties for Ukrainian exports.

Export Brand of Ukraine


Export brand’s brandbook

Exhibition brandbook (in English)

Export brand’s video

Export brand’s model kit

Organic Export During the War

Europe: 33% of the world’s black soil is in Ukraine

Hiqh quality: tasty products of superb quality confirmed by the EU and other organic certification


Government boosts support of Ukrainian export

The upturn of Ukrainian export, which grew by 31% or USD 7 billion in six months played an important role in economic recovery.

Scaling during wartime: Regional Workshops for Business

for Ukrainian companies to develop new markets from the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office.

Catalog of export potential of Cherkasy region

In order to promote international trade, export-oriented enterprises of the region and their products, to find partners and expand opportunities to enter

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