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Buy Ukrainian products and services

On February 24, we all witnessed the deja-vu, when the Russian Federation threatened the whole civilized world's values and principles by launching a full-scale invasion of an independent, democratic and peaceful Ukraine. Since then, Russian troops have been committing violent war crimes against the Ukrainian people right in the geographical center of Europe in the 21st century.

Buy Ukrainian products and services

The world-leading economies and all civilized business communities are uniting their efforts to stop Russian aggression by implementing severe economic sanctions and measures that will weaken the Russian economy and, hopefully, stop the war and violence.

We are calling foreign companies to join the initiative and ban on imports and stop working with Russian and Belarusian suppliers and service providers. Every product or service imported or outsourced from Russia supports and finances the war.

That is why the State Institution «Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office» has developed this page for foreign companies that want to cooperate with Ukrainian businesses.

Discover Ukraine

Ukraine is a country of opportunities that is going ahead with its democratic and economic transformation. Despite the brutal invasion of the Russian Federation to the territory of Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian companies are operating. Some of them originate from the Western regions, some of them have relocated from the combat zones, and some Ukrainian employees are now working remotely. They are striving not only to provide products to local communities and provide jobs but also to supply their products and services abroad as internal demand has shrunk. In Ukraine, we believe that economic development is as essential as defending our own people and land against the aggressor.

Location, talented human capital, cost-competitiveness, and availability of free trade agreements with many global markets make it a fast-developing manufacturing platform and provide great sourcing opportunities for foreign buyers. Historically known as the «breadbasket» of Europe, Ukraine is set to become the «food basket» of the world. Ukraine is naturally endowed with 33% of the world’s black soil and a favorable climate that enables a broad range of agricultural production. Ukraine has long-standing traditions in the machinery sector owing to significant reserves of raw materials, developed metallurgy and an educated labor force. Ukraine is among the top 10 countries in conducting IT-friendly reforms. Ukraine has booming creative industries: design, audiovisual art, publishing and advertising, traditional crafts – all ready for cooperation with foreign partners.

Find Ukrainian suppliers of goods and services

Ukrainian companies continue their uninterrupted work even during the war and are ready to export their services and goods, some of which are also in foreign warehouses. The Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office team is ready to promptly process your request and find a reliable supplier which, in turn, will be ready to produce and deliver the goods in a fast way. You can also leave a request for any services and products.

Leave your application at the form below. Support Ukrainian business!

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Restrictions during the war

During the war in Ukraine it is prohibited to export a range of products. Some commodities can be exported only with the permission of the executive authority.

In 2024, the list of goods whose export and import are subject to licensing is determined by Resolution No. 1402 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 27, 2023 "On approval of lists of goods whose export and import are subject to licensing, and quotas for 2024".

Quota volumes of goods whose exports are subject to licensing can be found in the corresponding appendix below.

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As for export of other commodities, it is carried out in accordance with the legal regime of peacetime.

Biz For Ukraine initiative: find Ukrainian service companies

BizForUkraine is an initiative of the Marketing Institute (Estonia) and the Ukrainian State Institution «Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office» to create a partnership environment between European and Ukrainian service companies.

As part of the initiative, the organizers regularly update the database of contacts of Ukrainian service companies by sorting them into the following areas:

  • IT;
  • creative industry;
  • engineering;
  • consulting

So, if you are looking for Ukrainian service companies to establish a partnership with - check out the BizForUkraine initiative.

For more information about the Ukrainian company, please contact

Ukrainian Food Platform

Ukrainian Food Platform is the first online platform for food products with integrated tools that will allow direct communication between Ukrainian producers and wholesale buyers, traders, distributors, retailers all around the world.

Functionally, the free B2B platform is a simple and user-friendly online service available to both international business and Ukrainian companies. Food products are presented in 3D images and detailed information descriptions in Arabic, Chinese, English and German.

Opening the platform's website, you will have the opportunity to check out product photos from all sides. Also read the full description of the company and review all the certificates present. And most importantly, you can write a message to the export manager of the company you are interested in.

The platform is absolutely open for everyone. Every foreign customer will be able to see the presented products, 3D view, detailed description, certification of Ukrainian companies and become good partners in the future.

Find Ukrainian food products quickly and efficiently and write directly to the producer right now. Discover «Made in Ukraine» products!

For more information:

Do Business With Ukrainians

Do Business With Ukrainians – The Platform for the promotion of Ukrainian small and medium business abroad.

This B2B platform allows foreign customers to work with proven small and medium-sized businesses from Ukraine and also helps Ukrainian entrepreneurs to receive new contracts with overseas companies.

Platform goals:

  • Search and offer international customers cooperation with verified companies from Ukraine
  • Assist Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the successful implementation of international contracts. Support with knowledge, connections, learning and mentoring.

The Do Business with Ukrainians portfolio already includes 240 verified Ukrainian companies and 71 consultants out of 320 registered applications, who are ready to build relationships with partners from the EU and North America. Among them are companies working in the following areas:

  • Business development
  • Consulting services
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical production
  • Construction services
  • Handicraft production
  • IT and Software development
  • Education
  • Engineering and design services
  • Financial and other asset management services
  • Manufacture of furniture
  • Light industry
  • Logistics / transport services
  • Marketing and advertising services
  • Mechanical engineering and metalworking
  • Food production
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Organization of events
  • Wholesale

The project team is also building a network of ambassadors of Ukrainian business in the world.

Do Business with Ukrainians is a project of Ukrainian and international entrepreneurs and consultants united by common goals and values, initiated by graduates of the UCU Business School (LvBS).

Ban russian and belarusian suppliers and service providers

Ukrainians call on the world community to refrain from buying and consuming goods and services provided by Russian and Belarusian companies. By consuming the goods of the aggressor countries, you are indirectly financing the killings of the civilian population of Ukraine, defenseless women and children. Russian-made goods in stores are very easy to recognize - they are marked with a barcode starting with the numbers «46». Accordingly, the first figures of Belarusian goods «481».

In addition, you can check the links of legal entities and individuals with Russian and Belarusian assets by using This tool helps you to protect your business from financial losses, legal sanctions, reputational losses that may arise from cooperation with Russian companies and individuals subject to sanctions. This tool was developed by YouControl, a Ukrainian company which provides an analytical system for compliance, market analysis, business intelligence, and investigation.

You can also help to boycott Russian and Belarusian goods and services by joining the international information campaign «DO NOT sponsor murder», which was launched by Ukrainian government agencies.

Support Ukrainian in these dark times and join the «DO NOT sponsor murder» campaign. We need your help more than ever.

Donate Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Financial support of the Reconstruction Funds of Ukraine

The Government calls on international partners, investors, NGOs, businesses and citizens to provide financial support to Ukraine, thereby helping to restore the stability of the Ukrainian economy and support Ukrainians in the war against russia.

The proceeds will be distributed according to the specializations of the fund. These include supporting the Ukrainian army and providing humanitarian assistance to the victims, rebuilding destroyed infrastructure and transforming the economy, restoring small and medium-sized businesses and servicing Ukraine’s international financial obligations.

Help Ukraine with crypto

Stand with Ukraine and donate crypto to the fundraising account of the National Bank of Ukraine. The funds will be used for the support of humanitarian aid programs and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Humanitarian aid

Official portal for those who want to provide humanitarian or financial assistance to people of Ukraine, businesses or the government at the times of resistance against the Russian aggression.

Anyone willing to support Ukraine can access here the information on how to do it.

The website was developed jointly by the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Stories of Ukrainian exporters

The Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office team has launched a special project "Trade with Ukraine: tell the world that Ukraine works!", which reveals the work of Ukrainian exporters during the war. Those stories are about the heroic courage of Ukrainian companies, which have faced critical problems in their business due to the russian invasion of Ukraine but actively looking for solutions and continue to export in the new realities. You can support Ukrainian producers through partnerships or promoting their histories. This will significantly increase attention from potential foreign partners and the media.

Spend With Ukraine project

Spend With Ukraine — is a non-profit organization that curates a web platform with a list of 220+ Ukrainian-rooted businesses.

Spend With Ukraine aims to support the Ukrainian economy by promoting world-class Ukrainian products and services worldwide and helping them find customers.

On Spend With Ukraine you can find a catalog of Ukrainian businesses operating in the international market, from tech unicorns to artisan brands.


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