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How Khorol Factory for Baby Food operates during the war

How Khorol Factory for Baby Food operates during the war

Author of the material: Kateryna Hrushetska, Head of the Export Department of ‘Khorol Factory for Baby Food’, LLC

Khorol Factory for Baby Food, LLC is the only enterprise in Ukraine that is for over 49 years specialized in the production of dry milk formulas for babies from first days of their lives.

At present time, the range of products manufactured at the factory is divided into three positions: infant milk powder, baby cereals and drinking water. Our export products are available among the next trade marks: "Malutka", "Malysh", "Malutka Premium", "Malyshka", "Happylon", "Happylon Premium", "Happylon active".

The impact of the war on the enterprise

The factory's products are considered to be as essential goods, because so many children consume it for basic feeding and supplementary feeding. We are trusted and so many people are hoping for us.

We realize all the responsibilities, that is why the company worked and continues working non-stop, maintaining the pre-war work schedule. This is important for the country now, and therefore for each of us.

Sales in Ukraine

Unfortunately, the hostilities and their consequences significantly affected on distribution channels within the country. Despite all efforts to fill every local store and national chain of supermarkets and pharmacies, its total number has decreased by almost 50%. However, we do not lose hope that in the near future the situation will change for the better and every mother will still be able to easily find the products she needs.

Export sales

Before the war the factory's products had a well-established supply to Moldova, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. The war did not stop the export of products to these countries, but significantly complicated it logistically and documentary.

However, the company overcame these difficulties, and in March successfully made the first export supplies since the beginning of the war to Moldova and Uzbekistan with transit through the EU countries. In May we plan to export of baby food to Azerbaijan and hopefully to start shipping to Georgia and Sudan.

Despite the already established partnerships, Khorol Factory for Baby Food LLC aims to expand the geography of export markets and is interested to establish new partnerships with companies in the MENA region (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Iraq) and companies from CIS region.

Social responsibility of the enterprise during the war

From the first days of the war, the company has been actively cooperating with charitable foundations and volunteer organizations, as well as trying to meet individual requests from mothers who found themselves in a difficult situation.

We are convinced that even in wartime, business should work where possible - to support the team, pay taxes and provide resources to the country to continue defense.

The material was prepared within the framework of the special project "Trade with Ukraine: tell the world that Ukraine is working!", Which aims to promote Ukrainian export-oriented enterprises operating during the war in Ukraine and abroad.

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