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Ukrainian Exporters Catalogue

It is a free online service designed to establish direct business contacts between foreign companies and Ukrainian manufacturers/service providers. The online catalogue allows foreign companies to find easily their business partner among registered Ukrainian companies and establish direct contact. Every day new Ukrainian exporters are verified to become a part of the catalogue.

Discover Ukraine

Ukraine is a country of opportunities that is going ahead with its democratic and economic transformatiton and continuing to integrate into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic community. Ukraine is getting more attractive for international partners. Importers acknowledge that Ukraine has become a stable and predictable developing market, while its talented people, extensive infrastructure and valuable assets make our country an attractive trading partner. In 2020, Ukraine moved seven positions higher in the World Bank Doing Business ranking to reach position 64 among 190 nations. The World Bank gave credit to Ukraine as the second-best nation worldwide in terms of the pace and scale of improving its business climate over the last 10 years.



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