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Useful links

Useful materials in this section will be useful for exporters, importers, consultants, as they contain interesting information about promising markets, current consumer trends, free trade areas, tips for finding partners and other relevant materials.

Useful links

Catalog of export potential of Cherkasy region

In order to promote international trade, export-oriented enterprises of the region and their products, to find partners and expand opportunities to enter new markets, since 2018 Cherkasy Regional State Administration have been implementing a project for creating a catalogue of export-oriented enterprises of Cherkasy region – «Buy from Cherkasy region».

The purpose of the project is to help the enterprises of the region in advertising their products, finding new partners and new markets. In 2021, the catalogue was supplemented by 15 new companies, currently 81 companies are represented in the catalog.

The catalogue contains information about the company, photos of production and products, certificates, awards, links to video and promotion materials, contact information.

The catalogue is available in English and Ukrainian.

Department of Regional Development of Cherkasy Regional State Administration


Catalog of export potential of Lviv region

«Export potential of Lviv region» is a bilingual catalog, which contains information about more than 300 export oriented enterprises of Lviv region from various industries: construction, woodworking, machine building, metalworking, light, food, printing, chemical, furniture etc.

Detailed information - Export Support Sector, Economic Policy Department, Lviv Regional State Administration


Catalog of export potential of Donetsk region

The Catalog of Export Potential of Donetsk Region contains information on exporting enterprises and enterprises operating in the domestic market and ready to export their products.

Enterprises of Donetsk region show significant interest in cooperation with foreign partners in the field of agriculture, food and processing industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, services and more. They are ready to cooperate with enterprises and organizations from the EU, Asia and America.

Department of Investment and Innovation Development and External Relations of the Donetsk Regional State Administration


Catalog of producers of Khmelnytsky city territorial community

Khmelnytskyі city territorial community located in the southestern part of Ukraine is the largest economic and cultural center of Khmelnytskyі region, which includes 25 settlements.

The newly created community attracts with its incredible atmosphere of creativity, opportunities for recreation, good leisure and hospitality of its inhabitants. New housing estates are being built rapidly in the community, modern infrastructure facilities, sports and children’s playgrounds are being built. The territorial community is attractive in terms of dynamic development, progressive views and innovative opportunities.

The industrial complex of the community is represented by enterprises that manufacture a wide range of products. The drivers of development in the Khmelnytskyі community are small and medium-sized enterprises working in mechanical engineering, clothing and textiles, food industry, construction, logistics and IT sector.

The efforts of government, business and active citizens are focused on building promising points of economic growth, the vision of which is based on understanding current development trends and a realistic assessment of their own potential, as well as strengthening community positions at the international and national levels.


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