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Investment policy of Ukraine

Investment policy of Ukraine

Ukraine is becoming more and more attractive for international partners. Importers acknowledge that our country has become a stable and predictable market that is developing at a decent pace, while while its talented people, extensive infrastructure and valuable assets make our country an attractive trading partner.

Ukraine continues its deep economic transformation and makes efforts to integrate into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic community. Our country is a big advanced market in Europe that offers a wide range of opportunities.

The attractive geographical position of Ukraine, its talented people, competitiveness and available free trade agreements that provide access to many international markets can ensure a fast growth and a high return on investments in such key areas as IT, agriculture, energy sector, manufacturing and infrastructure.

In 2020, Ukraine moved seven positions higher in the World Bank Doing Business ranking to reach position 64 among 190 nations. The World Bank gave credit to Ukraine as the second-best nation worldwide in terms of the pace and scale of improving its business climate over the last 10 years.

Direct foreign investments in Ukraine have amounted more than USD 16bn over the last 5-6 years, more than 100 plants have been built with thousands of new jobs, the Ukrainian legislation on investment activities has been revamped.

Prominent examples for this include the modern seed-processing facility of the German company Bayer worth USD 200mn, the wheat terminal of the US company Cargill worth USD 150mn, the second plant of the US company Jabil worth USD 16mn as well as the start of operations in Ukraine by such global brands as General Electric, Ryanair, HEAD, IKEA, H&M, Decathlon and many others.

Various sectors of the Ukrainian economy have a high potential for investors, for instance: agriculture, energy sector, heavy industry, textile industry, IT and innovations, real estate (including objects released for privatization), infrastructure, regional infrastructure, sustainable development, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

More detailed information is available on the web page of the government investment agency - UkraineInvest, which contains reliable and up-to-date information on suitable investment opportunities. It also provides consulting services for business in Ukraine, promotes communication between investors and public agencies at all levels as well as offers assistance in solving systemic issues investors might be confronted with.

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