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Why Ukraine?

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is open for trade! Ukraine is an emerging free market economy, with a wide range of under-discovered opportunities.

Its location, talented human capital, cost-competitiveness and numerous free trade agreements with many global markets help to ensure rapid growth of key export sectors such as information technology, agriculture, machinery, apparel and footwear, creative industries.

Developed market economy — Ukraine has established a competitive agriculture and organic sector, a high-tech industrial base and strong manufacturing industries, fast-developing IT/high-tech sector and booming creative industries.

ІТ industry in Ukraine

Ukraine is a large European country with over 40 million highly educated people, 70% of whom have secondary or higher education qualifications. «Brains & Grains» — Ukraine’s educated workforce is highly respected around the world. The Ukrainian education system has given its workforce one of the highest levels of English proficiency in post-Soviet countries. Ukraine’s workforce is hard-working and highly skilled and sought-after is a product of the educational system’s intense focus on technical and scientific disciplines.

Ukraine’s geographical location makes it an important trade and travel corridor between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With over 170,000 km of roads, 22,000 km of railway lines and 13 seaports, Ukraine has the infrastructure to quickly move goods – from grain to auto parts – all around the country and beyond its borders. Most major destinations in Europe can be reached in two days by truck from Ukraine. This gives it a competitive edge, particularly with regard to manufacturing and food distribution.

As part of the global value chain, Ukraine currently has 18 free-trade agreements with 48 countries, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, which goes beyond just trade and set a range of ambitious reforms that bring economic and regulatory environment closer to the EU. Learn more about main FTAs here.

Ukraine boasts one of the most cost-competitive production platforms in Europe. In terms of labour costs, utility costs and taxes, Ukraine is well able to compete with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, an increasing number of investors are locating production facilities in the country.

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