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Government allowed the export of rye and mineral fertilizers

29 July 2022 12:23

Government allowed the export of rye and mineral fertilizers

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine canceled the ban on the export of mineral fertilizers and rye from Ukraine by a corresponding decision on Tuesday, July 26.

Thus, changes were made to Resolution No. 1424 "On approval of lists of goods the export and import of which are subject to licensing, and quotas for 2022" (dated December 29, 2021).

From now on rye; mineral, chemical, nitrogen, potash and other fertilizers are subject to licensing.

It should be noted that Ukraine has current storage of 73,000 tons of transitional rye stocks, and the volume of its production this year is forecast at the level of 321,000 tons, therefore, the offer of rye on the market in 2022/2023 MY may amount to – 404,000 tons, with the domestic demand for 353,000 tons in 2022/2023 MY.

Regarding fertilizers, the need for the current marketing year is about 1.7 million tons, which is significantly under the previous year’s demands. There are currently 2 fertilizer production enterprises operating in Ukraine, which have not stopped their work.

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