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European countries simplify travel for humanitarian aid carriers to Ukraine

04 March 2022 14:06

European countries simplify travel for humanitarian aid carriers to Ukraine

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Germany and Hungary have introduced permit-free travel for humanitarian carriers to Ukraine. It means release of carriers from any additional conditions, in particular necessity of registration of permissions for the international freight transportations. This is necessary for the prompt delivery of humanitarian goods during martial law.

One do not need to provide information about the carrier and the vehicle to cross the border with Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia. To date, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany has announced that Ukrainian carriers can transport medicines and humanitarian aid through Germany without the use of permits. To carry out such transportation, the carrier must provide a vehicle number.

Hungary has abolished the fee for the use of roads and registration of events in the electronic system BIREG in the case of transportation of humanitarian goods to Ukraine through their territory. It’s important that on the windshield of the car must be placed a clearly visible advertisement with the inscription «Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine» and a picture of a red cross.

A Declaration on the list of goods recognized as humanitarian aid must be completed in Ukrainian/English, as well as a cover letter from the organization (in English) sending the humanitarian consignment to Ukraine with information about the recipient, registration number, date of departure, nature and volume of the cargo.

It is critical to ensure that information about the vehicle that will move on the territory of Hungary should be provided to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to inform the Hungarian side.

To cross the border with Poland, carriers must fill out a form in advance. The Republic of Poland has also abolished the toll for use of all roads for humanitarian carriers. For all citizens of Ukraine who are forced to leave their own country, the Polish side will provide free travel by rail.

We thank our European partners for their support. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine continues to work with foreign partners in order to speed up and simplify the process of transportation of humanitarian goods in an extremely difficult period for Ukraine.

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