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Ukraine has launched a single digital interaction platform to help relocate businesses

11 April 2022 11:07

Ukraine has launched a single digital interaction platform to help relocate businesses

Prozorro.Sales SE has launched a digital interaction platform at the initiative of the Ministry of Economy, with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the national project Diia.Business to help relocate business

The IT system is available to businesses that need relocation and companies that are willing to provide premises or other assets. Businesses that have applied for relocation will see the current status of their request in the personal account at the platforms, which will help with organizational issues. Companies that want to help companies to relocate will be able to publish their proposals in the form of an open register (such as real estate or other property).

Representatives of the Ministry of Economy, military administrations, logistics companies and other stakeholders will be able to process relocation applications in a system that simplifies and streamlines the relocation management process.

«We have understood the need to relocate working businesses to safer regions since the first days of the war. During the month, 216 enterprises were evacuated from the combat zone, and 97 of them have already resumed work at the new location. In total, the Ministry of Economy has received 1,473 applications for relocation and such requests are being submitted. That is why it is important now to digitize and systematize the process. Relocation must be rapid, efficient and enabling businesses that have been affected or are in war-affected areas to resume operations. That is why the state bodies have joined forces and are working together for this result», said Deputy Minister of Economy Ihor Diadiura.

It should be noted that the relocation program provides for free state support in the relocation of enterprises from the combat zone. Participating companies receive assistance with logistics, finding new production facilities and accommodation of workers.

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